Note it off Etsy

Just finished up several dog note pads and put them up on our Etsy site. So far we’ve got 2 fawn Mastiffs, a black Newfoundland, a Rottweiler, a smooth Brussels Griffon black and tan (ie Runtweiler), a liver Field Spaniel with a fauxhawk, and a little Shih Tzu  design. We will also be bringing out the 2 farmContinue reading “Note it off Etsy”

Puppies Galore

Friends of mine have had a lot of puppies born in 2012… Woodmark Mastiff’s has 3 on the ground waiting for me to come down once they’re old enough to be cute and photographed.  Cassiopeia’s Golden Legacy has a rescue Great Pyrenese that had a litter of puppies when it came in, they are 5Continue reading “Puppies Galore”

Phew… How did the Holidays get away from us?

Some how with all the shoots we’ve been doing we’ve neglected to keep our blog updated… Between the Turkey Cluster at Howard County Fairgrounds, Holiday Photoshoots, shooting for the Whippet’s annual in an ad and even more it’s just been a busy few months. With Valentine’s day coming up it’s not over either. We’ll beContinue reading “Phew… How did the Holidays get away from us?”

Winchester in early October… can we say BRRRRRRRRRrrrrrRRRRrrrrrr…

This past weekend was fantastic, if you don’t consider the cold, wet weather. A great time out in Millwood, or is it Long Branch, or White Post, VA? 2 days of dogs show, getting to see the Frenchies, Mastiffs, Berners, Elkies and Danes. Saw old friends, made new ones and got to pet a lotContinue reading “Winchester in early October… can we say BRRRRRRRRRrrrrrRRRRrrrrrr…”

Long weekend, but a thrill

No puppies this weekend, but had Jenn in Friday, out with Diana and her cousin Saturday, and Shelbie and her whole family (husband, 5 week old newborn and their 2 dogs) for a family portrait and then a photoshoot for a project I’m working on for Breast Cancer Research fundraising tonight at the studio… Phew… I’m readyContinue reading “Long weekend, but a thrill”

Been a long few weeks, but puppies make it better

Just getting back to internet after being away from it for a little bit. Had a great shoot with my buddies Cabot, a smooth Brussels Griffon , and Burly, a 10 week old Rottie puppy :-), plus some of their friends later in the day over at Applewood Dog Training. We’ll be down at theContinue reading “Been a long few weeks, but puppies make it better”

Studio Pet Photography Class May 22nd, 2011 at Washington School of Photography

Washington School of Photography is having our Photographer, Bryan Sirotkin, coming in to teach their Studio Pet Photography class Sunday from 10-430.  We’re bringing in several dogs, hopefully some cats, and more will be able to come up. I’m still looking for more but Bryan will get photos of each and every pet that comesContinue reading “Studio Pet Photography Class May 22nd, 2011 at Washington School of Photography”

Pet Model Casting Call- Do you think your pet is cute enough to be a star??

With several projects in the works we can only turn to the same little web of pet friends to pull off all the projects without getting monotonous, so we’re having a pet casting call May 16, 17, and 18th to find new pets for the projects. May 16 – 6pm-9pm- Non Dog or Cat PetsContinue reading “Pet Model Casting Call- Do you think your pet is cute enough to be a star??”