Hedgehogs, and Bulldogs and Birds, OH MY!!!!

I love my clients, I’ve gotten to photograph a fantastic array of animals the past few weeks.

Carrie E. had me come down to the Richmond Area to photograph her breeding pair of Hedgehogs (one albino mini male, and a standard female), a pair of Short Tailed Oppossums and their speedy youngins , a pair of Cockatoos, pair of  African Greys, and  1 & 1/2 (the second was too fiesty to get more then a shot of him flying quickly off the setup) Double Yellow-headed Amazons and 2 of her 4 dogs (2 pom/pom mixes, with the other 2 being a fantastic lab and german shepard).  OH MY!!!! it was a lot, but a lot of fun too.Relaxing Sleep

Then I’ve had a couple shoots with one of my favorite models, Marzi, where we did many different outfits.

Had a fun shoot with a long time friend and her Service Dog of 8 years

And then tomorrow, I’ll be going out to play with a rollie pollie litter of English Bulldog puppies at the breeder of my absolutely favorite bulldog’s, Riggo, house 🙂

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