Puppies Galore

Friends of mine have had a lot of puppies born in 2012…

Woodmark Mastiff’s has 3 on the ground waiting for me to come down once they’re old enough to be cute and photographed.

 Cassiopeia’s Golden Legacy has a rescue Great Pyrenese that had a litter of puppies when it came in, they are 5 weeks old right now so I’m heading down in the next week or two to get their photos.
Then my favorite bulldog’s breeder had puppies as well in early/mid Feb… I’m REALLY looking forward to going out there and getting my bulldog puppy fix.
I’m always looking for more puppies to get in the studio as well, so if anyone out there knows of litters on the ground and time for me to schedule a shoot between 4 weeks and 7 weeks old, email me @ BryanSirotkinPhotography@yahoo.com

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