Yesterday afternoon we had a great session with a new client and had fun with their three dogs. While we were going through the images starting the editing process, we came across one that just made us laugh and we had to do a post about it.

Sometimes the dogs really seem to be purposefully disobedient and the two we were photographing at the time (Archie, the 8 week old puppy was taking his break getting his squeak on with a toy) decided to look every which way but at the camera.

Sometimes it seems like they do it on purpose… 

In this business, especially working with furkids, patience is a very good virtue, and we did manage to get some really good ones of them looking right at the camera (can’t show you those before the clients get to see them though) for all 3, including Archie in all of his 8 week old obedience.

If you think your dog won’t sit still long enough to get good pictures, contact us, and lets see if our patience is strong enough to outlast their desire to disobey our requests. We have a feeling you’ll be pleased with the results.



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