Who gives a hoot?

Being sick sucks. Being sick and going on a walk to learn how to locate owls is stupid (but because it’s a once a year opportunity you can’t miss it)… But at least it was nearly 70 degrees during the entire trip.

Being sick, going on a walk to learn how to find owls and finally locating one to get a fair photo, then another owl popping up to be found, before finding where the first one flew off to when he spooked… So worth it!

Peek-a-boo- Barred Owl- Howard County- Feb 2017- (C)2017 B.S. Photography/ Bryan Sirotkin

I’ll see you in a bit when I’m feeling better…. ¬†Until then, enjoy the hiding owl while I rest and finish editing images from other client shoots that are needing to be finished.

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