About Bryan

From a young age Bryan has always had a camera in his hand, and has been looking at the light, with the way it lays on a scene, ever since. He started photographing with his childhood dog, Cindy, with his Mickey Mouse 110 camera, and has since gone through nearly 10 years of formal schooling in photography, earning 3 different degrees in photography. He also has his certificate from Washington School of Photography in Professional Photography, and is a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) through Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Through all of this, his love for animals grew with his talent behind the camera. Today there isn’t a pet that phases him (ok he’s cautious with spiders and scorpions, but it just means he uses a longer lens for them) and he will put his experience and patience to work to get the best photographs of your pets possible. 


When it comes to pets, Bryan has always had at least one in the house. From his family’s beagle and foxhound mix, Cindy, who was there before he was born to his current dog, Louie (French Bulldog).  Bryan has only been without a dog for little more than a month in his life. Over the years he has also considered many of his client’s pets in his own furmily, as well as making friends with many pets he sees out and about. There is a level of trust that Bryan builds with the pets quickly that allows him to connect with animals which means he gets photos that capture the best in nearly every pet when he gets them in front of the camera.

Bryan specializes in portraiture, and even more specifically pets, but has experience photographing events, interiors, exteriors, weddings, fashion, products, figure and can shoot almost any style so feel free to ask if you’d like him to photograph something for you.

Between Bryan’s love of pets and his background as a photographer for over 20 years, you can count on him to be able to show off your pet’s personality in the best way possible. If you’d like to have him photograph something other than than just your pets, he is more than willing to place his 20 plus year of experience behind the camera to get you the best photos possible to meet your needs.

The list of companies he has found himself photographing in the past are:

The Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington (RAMW)
Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (Reagan National Airport and Dulles International Airport)
*The Susan G Komen Foundation of MD
* Beartek Gloves    (as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank)
* Itiview
* North Laurel Animal Hospital – North Laurel, MD
* A P.A.W. Hospital– Lanham, MD
* Baltimore County Sailing Center
* The Junior Olympics of Sailing
* The Maryland Chapter of the MS Society
* Howard Community’s Alumni Association
* Fido’s For Freedom, Inc.
and many other companies, non profits and small businesses.

His images have appeared in regional, national and international publications, and his artwork has adorned the walls of houses across the USA and all over the world.

Former Muses include:
Macadoo- Lab mix
Jerry L.- Frenchie (and reason for his love of Frenchies)
Raven- Frenchie
Simon- Former Service Dog in Training Labrador Retriever turned Assistant Dog Labrador Retriever
Ziggy- Frenchie 
Frankie- Mastiff (and one of the smartest most understanding dogs ever)
Levi- Mastiff (and inspiration for so much)
Hope- Mastiff (and Julia Child’s impersonator) 
Odie- Mini Polar bear wanna be or shaved down Maltese… depends on the day which he wants to be.  

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