DUCKING Covid 19!

So, in a gig based profession like we are in, a pandemic event like what is going on right now where events are getting cancelled and now non essential businesses are getting told they have to close, a lot of small business owners are going to be struggling. We are far from excluded from this, and unfortunately Maryland has mandated that all non essential business close for the foreseeable future…

We will still be able to sell images online, arrange portrait sessions, book shows and events (which hopefully isn’t going to get cancelled either) until we are able to do shoots again. We have online giftcards available through our Square account and you can order them through this link if you’d like to pick one up.

Right now the only thing that’s really clear for B.S. Photography is that we can’t shoot. And with no events, the mid term future of B.S. Photography is up in the air. If June shows start cancelling, and especially if July and August shows cancel, we won’t be able to attend most of our fall commitments, so lets hope this blows through quickly and we can get to these shows and doing portrait sessions.

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