Yappy Hour’s Back… Alright!

Old Town Ellicott City is back up and going after May 27th’s devastating floods, sort of. The top end of Frederick Road has had repairs, the sidewalks are in, enough for people to use, and some business were damaged less than others and were able to repair themselves better than others, but The Wine Bin was back up and running as best it can for what roads were open.

Because The Wine Bin wanted to help more local businesses, there were a couple Main Street businesses there selling T-Shirts, Dog Bandanas, and more at this Yappy Hour. Almost so many that there wasn’t room for us, but we made sure there was room for us :-).

The place was packed too, which made us feel better, and I got to see many of my favorite regulars and some of them were very happy to see me, despite the hot temps at the start of the event.

One of the other things we got to see was the #ECStrong bandanas that one of the vendors was selling and many people bought them. It was awesome to see.

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