What does a photographer do…

So what does a photographer do when they go to one of their best friends wedding? They get bored not having their camera in hand of course…

I wanted to write something profound but I’ve got nothing… So here are pics as a guest of the wedding.


The niece of the bride kept being cute… I could make some jokes but I think she knows that there is a family history of firefighting and wants to slide down the pole and get to the fire truck.

They did a beautiful job decorating, and gave really cute shot glasses as the guest gift. I don’t drink, but they were cute and fitting for the bride and groom. Instead of a guestbook they had people leave notes and advice on Jenga pieces so when they played in the future they could have an awesome takeaway they’d use.

Camera went away to enjoy the toasts, and only videoed the first dance, and mostly to not intrude on the photographers paid to be there. I did have to capture some of the cutesy moments as the kids danced with various guests as well as the father daughter dance at the very end (after videoing the father daughter dance).

The boys got in on the dancing with their moms as well. As a friend of the family it was cute to watch the sister and sister in law bring smiles to their respective boys smiles.

As the night went on, the drinks kept going, and so the dancing got even more fun to watch and photograph. The best man (no jacket, and hair on his head) and groom (jacket, vest, no hair on head and glasses) had a little bit of fun. And the bride and groom danced together quite a bit.

The mother of the bride and groom were both dressed stunningly, it was nice seeing them both so excited to be there.  It was also really cute to watch the mother of the bride dancing with the groom.

And then my highlights of the night… Watching my friend smile as she danced with her new husband. I am so happy they met each other, and that he is able to bring out that smile of hers. They are amazing to see together that happy, surrounded by their family and closest friends. Even cuter when my friend and her husband are dancing next to her parents, joking back and forth, having fun.

Dancing under a tent in the middle of the Patapsco Female Institute, a STUNNING venue for a wedding.


The remains of the chapel from PFI in Ellicott City. Part of the beautiful building that hosted this wedding.

And just for good measure… here’s the beautiful location they chose for the wedding.

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