So what makes accidently kneeling in poo worth it?

7 MASTIFF PUPPIES between 8 and 9 weeks old!!!!

I went and visited Diane down at Woodmark Mastiffs today to photograph the remaining puppies and get to meet her crew. We shot for about 20 minutes before the puppies decided that they had had enough and needed a nap. I also got to meet her 240 lb showing male and the rest of her dogs (including the odd man out, Pepe, a 30 or so lb French Bulldog, who was very happy to see me) who were all extremely sweet and beautiful. I can see where my buddy Deisel got his fantastic personality (Deisel is the Mastiff that is Ziggy’s “twin” just 10 times his size and was his comodel for some shots back in May).

I’d put up a picture but I’m still editing them and getting them ready.

This weekend I’ll be at Fort Meade for their Dog walk/event. If you can, come up and see me 🙂

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