Busy couple of weeks

Wow, it’s been a busy past month.

Shoots at  North Laurel Animal Hospital for Mother’s Day.

Family of 3 who came and sat for my camera

 I got Ziggy in the studio finally with his buddy Diesel for some shooting. We had a great evening of shooting, got some great shots and both Ziggy and Diesel had a blast.

The black mask fawn duo


Lots of other shoots and assists including helping out one of my models who is getting up there as a photographer and needed some help within the studio.  Had fun before taking a week off and getting to go out to my best friends graduation, take some photos and then get to go out to Wisconsin with her and her family to relax and enjoy my time. Went and took pictures out there, but should have brought my camera everywhere we went because I missed some great opportunities while visiting her cousin and her cousin’s fiance at her cousin’s fiance’s place which is on several beautiful acres with 2 ponds, next to a dairy farm. I did get to visit w/ the sheep and lambies that share her family’s property so it was good. Also got to meet and photograph a Wisconsin American Toad before leaving (he came out while I was photographing lambies and jumped to me looking to model for me)

Toadie on the driveway
It's a cute lambie

 Too bad I couldn’t bring one back for one of the Fido’s calendar photoshoots that we need a lamb/sheep for.

More shoots this week and next, so hopefully I’ll get to get some great shots

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