Traveling the Covid trails

I got the unique opportunity in May and June to help with dog transports while the country was on lock down.

10 mastiffs across the country, from CA to TN and then a whole menegarie from MD back to MD going in one big crazy loop down and up and around the country.

I wanted to post this big huge long story about the whole thing, but as the country shuts back down and all our shows cancel out or postpone through June 2021… Yeah not feeling in a writing mood, so instead, a bunch of photos from all over. I’ll try and update captions and descriptions, but that may take a while.

2020 Season Finale

While we wait on the final episodes of 2020, we look forward to what 2021 will hold.

So far this means, few events or those that were scheduled have pushed back to pack our fall schedule and possibly creating multiple conflicts that will prevent us attending all of them and an empty schedule through June 2021, and a closed down studio because we don’t have enough space to have more than 1 person in the studio, per city regulations, we are going to have fun shooting in the chilly fall till we can reopen things up…

Another one bites the dust :-(.

Add another show cancellation to the 2020 season… This was one of our consistently productive shows too, a small specialty in Pennsylvania with a group of Cavalier owners that is usually our way to get through a relatively slow summer (kind of hard to photograph dogs outdoors in the summer with scorching heat, and relatively unpredictable MD afternoon storm potentials) which is still looking to be semi productive if we can stop having these shows cancelling due to this Covid 19 shit. More importantly it’s fun to be able to see clients who are nice, and clients who have become more like family than just friends.

The July local show we vend at cancelled a few weeks ago, leaving us with nothing through the end of July when we may or may not get to go to Vermont for an Agility show with another group that is becoming like family.

It’s really hard for a business to stay open when our labs are partially closed down to be able to sell art prints even, we can’t get to see clients in studio or on location (and to those photographers breaking the stay at home and out still photographing, please stop), and we can’t even really set any up because most of our clients aren’t sure when their next paycheck is coming in to be able to budget for a shoot.

But aren’t there small business grants and loans? Yes. The Federal ones are already taken up, because of large businesses using loopholes to count locations with less than 500 employees at that location as a “small” business, not to mention some were somehow able to file before the loans opened for PPP. The federal loans also changed many rules in what was supposed to be able to be given after many were already applying or had applied for other of their small business loans, and many of them don’t count if you are a self employed sole proprietorship. Luckily Howard County Arts Council has a small grant to help artists who work in a gig based business to be able to get a little bit of help and were able to help us out, but it’s less than 65/month stretched between March, April, May and June’s bills :-(.

We hope that this doesn’t go much longer and someone realizes that maybe we should let things happen soon, and let people make their own decisions to stay home if they don’t want to go out. We will take a show making 1/3 of our averages, over not being able to do anything at all and bringing in 0 with bills piling up quickly…

DUCKING Covid 19!

So, in a gig based profession like we are in, a pandemic event like what is going on right now where events are getting cancelled and now non essential businesses are getting told they have to close, a lot of small business owners are going to be struggling. We are far from excluded from this, and unfortunately Maryland has mandated that all non essential business close for the foreseeable future…

We will still be able to sell images online, arrange portrait sessions, book shows and events (which hopefully isn’t going to get cancelled either) until we are able to do shoots again. We have online giftcards available through our Square account and you can order them through this link if you’d like to pick one up.

Right now the only thing that’s really clear for B.S. Photography is that we can’t shoot. And with no events, the mid term future of B.S. Photography is up in the air. If June shows start cancelling, and especially if July and August shows cancel, we won’t be able to attend most of our fall commitments, so lets hope this blows through quickly and we can get to these shows and doing portrait sessions.

New York Bound and Down

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is the pinnacle of shows for the American Kennel Club. The best dogs, the best handlers, the best breeders, and the best photographers all show up (ok there were a couple exceptions, but this is for the most part).

We got the call to be able to photograph for a fantastic publication, Dogs Outside The Ring, which meant we got almost full access to all of these great dogs while being surrounded by some impressive peers at the pier. It is with the highest honor to be included in the elite at the show and we are beyond grateful for the opportunity to have been able to photograph there.

Here are just a few of our favorite photos from the show…

From Chris Ihle’s amazing lego sculpture of last year’s Best In Show winner, to getting to sit in the pit with some dog show photography elites it was a blast. We got to spend time with the Mastiffs, the Frenchies, and our friends in the Cavaliers, and even got to watch handler and owner friends of ours win all 3. Group night on Monday (and unfortunately not Tuesday’s as our transportation schedule didn’t allow it) was a blast, but there were a couple really fun dogs at the hotel, and in the benching area. Getting to spend time with friends and meet new ones in the benching area was awesome too.

The answer is always…

I was always taught the answer is always no if you don’t ask. Well I did ask and V-No Wine Bar didn’t say no when I asked if I could come have a small display for their Must Love Dogs… and Wine event on Tuesday.

A beautiful, albeit maybe a little warm, night for a great event at V-No.

Happy Dog Baltimore, one of Baltimore’s premier dog walking services, teamed up with V-No Bar and Shop, and Global Wines Maryland to combine a great pairing of pups and international wines for this inaugural event.

It was a great night all around. Feel free to come stop down to V-No if you are ever in the Fells Point neighborhood, and enjoy a glass while getting to enjoy a beautifully different view of the Baltimore Harbor, and/or pick up a bottle for later.

Yappy Hour’s Back… Alright!

Old Town Ellicott City is back up and going after May 27th’s devastating floods, sort of. The top end of Frederick Road has had repairs, the sidewalks are in, enough for people to use, and some business were damaged less than others and were able to repair themselves better than others, but The Wine Bin was back up and running as best it can for what roads were open.

Because The Wine Bin wanted to help more local businesses, there were a couple Main Street businesses there selling T-Shirts, Dog Bandanas, and more at this Yappy Hour. Almost so many that there wasn’t room for us, but we made sure there was room for us :-).

The place was packed too, which made us feel better, and I got to see many of my favorite regulars and some of them were very happy to see me, despite the hot temps at the start of the event.

One of the other things we got to see was the #ECStrong bandanas that one of the vendors was selling and many people bought them. It was awesome to see.