Current Projects

Projects currently being shot for and looking for subjects:

Project models get 50% off of the shoot fee, a free print from the shoot, 25% off future shoots (booked within one year of the initial shoot for the project) and 20% off all print orders from any of those shoots 

———-Pet Projects———-

A name by any other rose

Pets with product names or were named after famous people, such as Pepsi or Joe Gibbs (yes both dogs do exist, with those given names).


RHS Dogs

7+ year old dogs wearing hats.


How we Dress

Does your dog enjoy dressing up in different outfits? I want to show them off in several different outfits and show how clothes make the “person”


Calling ALL Dogs

Puppies and adult dogs are needed for a simple portrait shoot. All breeds wanted including mixed breeds and designer dogs.


Dogging on the scouts

Taking the Boy Scout law and utilizing the points of it in combination with my furry friends and doing an illustrative guide to them.


If you think you or your pet would fit the project, email me at to find out more about the project and how you can your pet into the studio for a shoot.

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