We are located in Central Maryland, but are more than happy to take our
cameras on the road. We can often be found at events throughout the country.

Upcoming Events

BS Photography will be at the following locations this year. Please contact us to add your event to our schedule!


Jan 19-24- Nashville, TN

Jan 27-29- Timonium, MD

Feb 18- Albany, NY

Mar 3-5- West Friendship, MD

Mar 16-19- Williamsburg, VA

Apr 15- Elkton, MD

Apr 24-28- Hunt Valley, MD 

May 20-21- Albany, NY

Jun 8-11- Clifton, NJ

Jun 16-18- East Winsor, CT

Aug 5-6- Lambertville, NJ

Aug 12-13- Oakland, MD

Sept 23-24- Leesburg, VA

Sept 30-Oct 1-Leesburg, VA

Oct 2-8- Virginia Beach, VA

Oct 8-TBD

Oct 20-22 Shelbourne, VT

Nov 9-12- Frederick, MD

Dec 17-Jan 11, 2024- Private Trip


(Tentative Dates)

May 7-14- Orleans, NY

Jun 6-9- Matamoras, PA

June 10-13- Albany, NY

June 14-16- East Windsor, CT

Aug 15-18- CNE Specialty (Location to be determined)

Sept- 28-29- Leesburg, VA

— AA Milne