About B.S. Photography

So lets get this out of the way. The “B.S.” in our name is for our photographer’s initials. We don’t give you bullshit, we just let Bryan’s unique way of showing of your pet’s personality in his own caring way shine through in your photos. 

B.S. Photography is a full service photography studio (we are able to take you from planning to hanging prints on the wall, allowing you a one stop shop for all your photography needs) located in central Maryland. This process starts with our planning session, usually in person so we can meet the pets and people but can also be done via video call or over the phone if we have to, so that we can get your ideas and come up with a plan for the session. This includes where we are shooting, and when we are shooting, but it also includes things like what your ideas and needs are for the photos, what you are hoping to have the photos look like and what you are going to do with the photos once we go to print them. Once we do the planning session, we will be able to get to the session, usually a week or few later depending on what the shoot entails, with our photographer Bryan, where he will put his 20+ years of experience and love of your pet behind getting the best possible photos images of you and your loved ones. After the session it typically takes us 2-4 weeks to go through the amazing images, parr them down to the best so you don’t have to and get them edited to basic levels so you can see how amazing your pets are for the image reveal for you so you can order your images efficiently. 

We specialize in bringing out the personality of pets of all sizes, with very few limitations on what we are willing to work with. Our staff loves all animals, even the creepy ones like tarantulas. We want to let your pets shine in their portraits. 


We love getting pets in front of the camera. Big or small they are welcomed into our studio with caring, open arms. Our staff consists of only the most pet loving, knowledgeable staff who will help support you through the whole process of the shoot, all while making sure your pet is comfortable and well loved. Our goal is to make both yours and your pets time in our studio is a comfortable and memorable experience. 


Our head photographer and owner of B.S. Photography, Bryan Sirotkin, has been certified by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) as a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP), so we can help provide you the highest quality images through stringent training and technical requirements. He has been working around and with animals since he was in elementary school, befriending thousands of animals who tend to find comfort in Bryan’s calm nature and empathetic attitude during the sessions reassuring and comforting to stressed clients. Bryan is also a member of the Central Maryland Photographer’s Guild (CMPG), Maryland PPA (MDPPA) and is a Nikon Professional Services (NPS) member. 



Our studio is currently located in Central Maryland’s King’s Contrivance neighborhood of Columbia Maryland. Conveniently less than a mile from both MD 29 and 32 we are easily accessible through the I-95 corridor. We are able to do in studio portraits, or take our light set on the road and come to you, nearly anywhere in the country.