B.S. Fishography

Catching a fish of a lifetime is a fun experience, but when you have to worry about fish safety, and getting that award winning photograph it gets complex. Let Bryan’s 30+ years of fishing experience and nearly 25 years of photography experience get you the best photos possible while letting you enjoy your fishing.  

We want you to be able to relax, and let us capture the beauty of your trip, whether you catch fish or not (we can help you catch something on those off days too) we will always get great shots of the trip and those fun memories you will want to have. That perfect cast in front of the picky rising trout. The musky nosing up to your bait on a figure 8 before disappearing in the depths. The sunrise shining through the lines as you head out to blue water out of the inlet. You and your buddies grabbing that great boat grilled burger while waiting for the afternoon bite to kick off. That minnow your buddy lands that you want to rag them on for years to come, and that he needs help making look bigger than 4 inches so his pride isn’t too hurt. We can even just stage photos at your favorite waters. We are your source for the best outdoor and fishing photography in the Maryland, Mid-Atlantic and surrounding areas. 

We start training the fish young to model for us. Here is a Rainbow Trout in the recently hatched alevin stage from a Trout in the Classroom tank we work with.


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